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Blue Flare (AB)

Blue Flare (AB)

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Enhance Your Creations with Blue Flare (AB) Rhinestones

  • Sparkle and shine with Blue AB resin rhinestones
  • Each package contains approximately 1440 stones for abundant creative projects
  • Colors may vary slightly based on device, adding a unique touch to your designs
  • Unleash your creativity with limitless possibilities
  • Perfect for embellishing tumbler cups, adding bling to household items, or crafting DIY projects

Elevate your creations to the next level with the mesmerizing Blue Flare (AB) rhinestones. Let your imagination run wild as you adorn tumbler cups, give a glamorous touch to everyday items, or embark on exciting DIY ventures. With approximately 1440 stones in each package, the creative potential is truly endless. Add a touch of sparkle and personality to your projects with these stunning rhinestones.

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