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Glitter Excellence



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    Enhance your crafting projects with Chickpea Glitter, a must-have for every creative enthusiast. What sets Chickpea Glitter apart:

    • Vibrant Yellow Color: Stand out with the unique and eye-catching yellow hue.
    • Extra Fine Cut: Measuring at 1/128, this glitter adds a delicate touch to your creations.
    • Iridescent Quality: Achieve a stunning shimmer and shine that elevates your projects.
    • UV and Solvent Resistant: Ensure longevity and durability in various crafting applications.
    • Ample Quantity: With a generous 2oz weight, you'll have plenty of glitter to unleash your creativity.
    • Convenient Packaging: Stored in a handy bag for easy access whenever inspiration strikes.
    • Polyester Material: Crafted from high-quality PET for both beauty and resilience.

    Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your crafts with the dazzling Chickpea Glitter. Add it to your collection today!

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