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Embrace the enchanting allure of Exposé, the perfect glitter for those who believe in fairy tales and magic. Let this mesmerizing product transport you to a world of romance and wonder, where every project is transformed into a shimmering masterpiece.

  • Stunning Purple Hue: Add a touch of elegance with Exposé's captivating purple color that exudes mystery and charm.
  • Extra Fine Cut: Sparkle like never before with the ultra-fine cut of this glitter that glimmers like a starlit sky.
  • UV and Solvent Resistant: Create with confidence knowing that Exposé will maintain its vibrancy and beauty over time, regardless of the elements.
  • High-Quality Polyester Glitter: Crafted with love and precision, Exposé is made from premium PET glitter that elevates any project to a new level of sophistication.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each 2oz bag of Exposé is designed for easy storage and use, ensuring that your creative journey is hassle-free.

Indulge in the beauty of Exposé and unleash your inner artist. Let your imagination run wild and watch as this metallic glitter adds a touch of magic to everything you create. Elevate your projects with Exposé and let your creativity shine brighter than ever before.

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