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Glitter Excellence



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    • Color: Deep and mesmerizing purple
    • Cut: Extra fine 1/128 for a delicate shimmer
    • Type: Iridescent quality for a stunning rainbow effect
    • Weight: 2oz of glitter measured precisely
    • Resistant: UV and solvent-resistant for long-lasting sparkle
    • Packaging: Conveniently packed in a bag for easy storage
    • Material: Made of high-quality polyester (PET)

    Elevate your art and craft projects with Knockout Glitter. Whether you are adding a touch of magic to your nail art, DIY decorations, or handmade cards, this premium glitter will make your creations stand out. The iridescent shimmer and vivid purple color will add a dazzling finish to any project. With UV and solvent resistance, this glitter will maintain its brilliance over time. Unleash your creativity with Knockout Glitter and make every project sparkle!

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