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Little Blue Box 2

Little Blue Box 2

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    Little Blue Box 2 is your go-to choice for all things glitter! This chunky mix of blue, green, and pink iridescent glitter is a dazzling addition to any project.

    • Vibrant Colors: Add a pop of color and sparkle to your creations with this stunning mix.
    • Generous Quantity: Each 2oz pack provides you with plenty of glitter to work with, ensuring you never run out.
    • High-Quality Material: Crafted from polyester (PET), this glitter is UV and solvent resistant, maintaining its vibrancy and integrity over time.
    • Convenient Packaging: The glitter comes in a handy bag for easy storage and use, keeping your workspace neat and organized.
    • Versatile: Perfect for crafters, artists, and anyone who loves to add a touch of sparkle to their life.

    Don't miss out on Little Blue Box 2 - the essential addition to your glitter collection. 

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