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                  Unleash your creativity with Mayhem, the ultimate crafting essential that will elevate your DIY projects to the next level. This chunky glitter in mesmerizing blue and black hues promises to add a dazzling sparkle to any creation.

                  Key Features:

                  • Each bag contains 2oz of glitter by weight, providing you with an abundance of shimmering material to work with.
                  • UV and solvent resistant properties make Mayhem versatile and ideal for various applications.
                  • Perfect for custom tumblers, nail art, home decor, and more.
                  • Carefully packaged to ensure pristine condition upon arrival.
                  • Made from high-quality polyester (PET) for enduring beauty and longevity.

                  Elevate your crafting game with Mayhem Chunky Glitter - a blend of beauty, durability, and endless creative possibilities. Don't settle for ordinary when you can shine with Mayhem. Order now and infuse your projects with a touch of enchanting sparkle!

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