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Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn

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                    Bring the warm and vibrant colors of autumn into your creative projects with our Shades of Autumn glitter collection. Perfect for adding a touch of Brown, Orange, and Gold to your crafts, this chunky polyester glitter is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast.

                    • Color: Brown, Orange, and Gold
                    • Cut: Chunky
                    • Measured By Weight: 2oz
                    • UV & Solvent Resistant: Ensures long-lasting color vibrancy
                    • Packaging: Convenient bag for easy storage
                    • Material: Polyester Glitter (PET)

                    Elevate your art and craft projects, nail designs, resin creations, and more with the stunning Shades of Autumn glitter. Let your creativity shine bright with these mesmerizing glitter hues!

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