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Berry Bliss

Berry Bliss

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        • Color: Plum and Rose Gold
        • Cut: Super Chunky Mix 1/10
        • Type: Metallic
        • Measured By Weight: 2oz
        • UV & Solvent Resistant
        • Packaging: Bag
        • Polyester Glitter: (PET)

        Elevate your crafting projects with our Berry Bliss glitter. The stunning plum and rose gold colors in a super chunky mix 1/10 cut will add a touch of glamour to any creation. Made from metallic polyester glitter, this 2oz weight is perfect for various art and DIY projects. The UV and solvent resistance ensure longevity, making it ideal for different applications. Grab your Berry Bliss glitter and infuse your creations with a dazzling charm.

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