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Forever Pink (AB)

Forever Pink (AB)

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    • Pink AB Resin Rhinestones
    • Approximately 1440 stones per package
    • Endless Creative Possibilities


    Pink AB Resin Flatback Rhinestones offer a dazzling collection of approximately 1440 stones per package. The colors may vary slightly depending on the device used. These rhinestones are versatile and perfect for various creative projects.

    Durability and Shine:

    Each stone is meticulously crafted with high-quality resin, ensuring longevity and a lasting shine. The intricate cut and faceted surface of the rhinestones produce a mesmerizing sparkle that will captivate onlookers.

    AB Coating:

    The AB coating on the rhinestones adds an additional layer of dimension and depth, making them visually striking and enhancing their light-catching properties.

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