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Plum Smitten 2

Plum Smitten 2

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      • Color: Vibrant Purple
      • Cut: Chunky Mix for Extra Sparkle
      • Type: Metallic Glitter
      • Weight: 2oz - Perfect for Various Projects
      • UV & Solvent Resistant: Long-lasting Shine
      • Packaging: Convenient Bag for Easy Storage
      • Material: Polyester Glitter (PET) for Quality Results

      Elevate your art and DIY projects with Plum Smitten 2 glitter. This eye-catching purple glitter in a chunky mix metallic type is a must-have for crafters and creators. With UV and solvent resistance, this glitter will stay vibrant and sparkling on your projects. The 2oz packaging ensures you have enough glitter for multiple creations. Whether you're embellishing cards, tumblers, or decor items, this polyester glitter will add a touch of magic to your creations. Get your hands on Plum Smitten 2 glitter and let your imagination shine!

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